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With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, we are David and Effi, the co-founders of the award-winning agency Six20Two. We live in North Wales by the beach with our cat Rumpelstiltskin, and the three of us have clients all over the UK and beyond.

We believe that through a close working relationship we can get the results you are looking for.

We are analytics driven

The numbers matter

We love our work

We live and breathe digital marketing

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We can help you sell

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Did you know?

We are called Six20Two because we are both born in October, Effi on the sixth, David on the 22nd. Simple.

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The Faces Behind our Success

Effi Mai Paul

Effi has gained her experience in publishing, fashion, retail, events and entertainment. She creates social media strategies and puts them into motion, as well as content creation. She spends her free time reading a lot of romance books with a glass of wine, and tries to teach her cat how to do tricks. Find out more about Effi's background on her Linkedin.

david goncalves

David has gained his experience from education, retail, events, and entertainment. He is the numbers man, reading analytics and creating successful paid ads to sell products and services. He is also a whizz at designing websites. In his free time, he is a big sport nut (supporting South Africa), and enjoys a beer while playing the drums super loudly in the house they both share. Find out more about David's background on his Linkedin.


Rumples has been part of the team since the beginning. He spends his time sleeping on the desk, pushing notes onto the floor, and trying to make friends with the printer.

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